How to Make Rubber Band Bracelets by Hand

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Darker and glossier than regular opaque black. Hook the band at the bottom of the peg the one stretched over two pegs , and bring it up through that "frown" between the peg and the bands , thus unhooking it from its peg and re-hooking it to the peg above. Not exactly what you want? Yellow, pink, neon green, turquoise, purple, red, white and black.

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Jul 26,  · The essential things you'll need are an assortment of small rubber bands (often sold in loom kits) and a plastic S-clip or C-clip to hold the ends of the bracelet together. You can use your fingers, the tines of a fork, or a bracelet loom (also sold with loom kits) to link the bands into a chain.
We thought we invented this Rainbow Loom bracelet, but after a quick search on Youtube we found that it already existed as the Double Cross. That’s the thing with Rainbow Loom – with over one million looms out there, there’s a pretty good chance that no matter what you .
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Oct 23,  · The Rainbow Loom is a $ rubber band craft set that is the currently biggest fad among elementary school kids. It reminds me of the pot holder weaving set I played with as a kid.

Do not twist this band into a figure-eight. Instead, make a single loop over your middle and index fingers. Pull the right side of the band under the top one. Do the same with the other side. Repeat these steps until you reach your desired length. You just need to loop a new band onto your index and middle finger—above the previous band—then pull the previous band over the new band, your index fingertip, and your middle fingertip.

Be sure to refer to your color order so that you don't make any mistakes. If you are making a bracelet for yourself, consider measuring your wrist—and then the bracelet—to make sure that your new accessory will fit. Hold a string tight around your wrist as tight as you want the bracelet to fit and then measure the length of the string. Your bracelet is done when it's as long as the string. If you are making a bracelet for someone else, think about how their wrist size compares to yours.

If they have bigger wrists, make the bracelet slightly longer than you would for yourself. If they have smaller wrists, make the bracelet slightly shorter. Make sure that there is a band still looped on your middle and index finger. Attach the C-clip or S-clip to the end to hold the band together. You can wear this bracelet, give it to a friend, or use it as a decoration. Try making a few bracelets that complement each other.

As you gain experience, you can experiment with more advanced designs. Loop your first color over the the top peg. The open, concave end of the curve should face toward you like a "frown. Then, hook the next color over the second peg to the one before until you have your desired length.

It may take some trial and error before you get the length of your bracelet right. If your loom is not long enough for your preferred length, you can move down the loom in an S-pattern. Alternately, once you have loomed a section, you can join it to another chain. Once you have the length you want, place another band over the last peg. You can also loop this band over the peg three times for a smaller hoop, to which you will later attach an S-clip or C-clip.

Use your hooking device to unhook the last band—the lowest on the peg. Slip the hook inside the "frown" through the loose or triple band. Hook that band, then bring it back up through the "frown" over the peg. Make sure this band is not caught on the peg, and is only still attached to the loose or triple band. Hook the band to the peg above the peg from which you moved it. If you made your chain in the S-shape, simply follow the pegs back the way you came. Keep doing that until long enough STEP 5: Pull 1 more band throughall them.

Connect with clip and done. Where do you get the pinny plastic thingy from you know the one you used on??? Gonna try to make it after church today, while watching the Seahawks cream the niners! I have the older version. It can still make all of these bracelets! Ikr I have a wonder loom and it sucks when you apsolutly have to have rainbow loom.

I kno how u feel. Hi this was a great video and also your other helpful videos. I recommend you and your videos to MANY girls around the world. This was a awesome video I made it perfectly but got messed up on taking it off the loom but still this was a amazing video thumbs up for sure.

I loved this tutorial and use it for reference all the time. Hey there Loom Love! Was this one free? I was wondering if it would be possible to make an inverted double cross? This is an awesome bracelet! Now I am curious if it can be modified to be a twisted spiral of this same design? Please help with more instructions if you can…..

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